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Office in Gainesville, Texas, and serving most of North Texas.
Criminal Defense
When you are accused of a crime it can be one of the most difficult and emotional times in your life. You need someone like Shawn Simmons there for you. Whether it's achieving a favorable plea or going to trial and fighting the charge he is there to help.
Wills and Trusts
No one likes to think about death. But you owe it to both yourself and your family to have a will and perhaps a trust in place to make handling your estate as easy as possible in your family's time of sorrow.
Personal Injury
If you were injured by the mistake of another such as a car wreck or doctor's error, you owe it to yourself to seek Shawn's help. Insurance companies are in business to make money. The less they pay out in claims the more money they make. You need someone in your corner to aggressivley represent you.
Fighting for You

When You Need It Most

The right approach can make all the difference

Not every situation calls for the same approach and attitude. You need someone who knows when to be aggressive and when to be kind and caring. And is smart enough to know which approach to take in a given case.
Most of the time the old adage is true. "You can get more bees with honey than vinegar." Often disputes or other problems can be solved by courtesy and attempting to come to an acceptable agreement that benefits all parties concerned.
On the other hand, sometimes people are unwilling to move from their positions and do the right thing. These people do not respond to courtesy. But as most people, they do have a strong sense of self-interest. Shawn is willing and able to litigate and go to trial to protect you and your legal rights.

Medical Malpractice Known As Healthcare Liability In Texas, Can And Does Happen

In fact a medical mistake is the third most likely way you will die behind heart disease and cancer. Because of a push for "tort reform" in Texas the legislature changed many on the rules of pursuing a healthcare claim. Among these changes included adding a cap to non-monetary damages and requiring the filing of expert reports. Because of these changes and challenges many Texas attorneys will no longer take these cases. 
While these changes helped prevent the filing of frivilous suits it also closed the court house doors to thousands of injured Texans.
Shawn Simmons will sit down and discuss the facts of your malpractice case and explain the challenges of pursuing and winning such a case in Texas. If the decision is made to move forward Shawn will work to assure the best possible outcome for the given situation.
Shawn was born in Stephenville and has lived all his life in Texas. Shawn grew up in Gainesville, Texas and attended Callisburg ISD through his senior year. Shortly after graduation he pursued a degree in respiratory therapy. Shawn acheived this goal and soon passed two national examination to become credentialed as a registered respiratory therapist. Shawn worked in hospital settings for over fourteen years before deciding to go to law school. Having already recieved his bachelors degree from the University of North Texas with Dean's List honors multiple times he sought law school admission. Shawn recieved his juris doctorate (JD) from Texas A&M University School of Law. At A&M Shawn was invited to join the international honor fraternity of Phi Delta Phi. Phi Delta Phi membership is only offered to law students who ranked, at least, in the top thirty percent of their class. Shawn had no trouble meeting this requirement and continued to meet this standard through graduation. During law school Shawn interned as a prosecutor with the Denton County Criminal District Attorney's Office. Shawn now practices in the North Texas area and is available to help with a large variety of legal services.
Admitted all Texas state courts.
Admitted United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

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It's important at certain times in your life to have someone who cares in your corner.

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